Brief History

History Background

The first scout troop of the Republic of China was founded in China in 1912. The General Association was formally established in 1934 and became a member of the WOSM in 1937. However, all Scouting activities were interrupted when the Chinese Communists took over China in 1949. The Association was reorganized in Taiwan in 1950 and resumed its membership of WOSM.
Since then, Scouting in Taiwan has regained its momentum and participated in more international events ever before. Scouting program and Leader Training Scheme were also established. Scouting movement was promoted in schools with close cooperation with Government, while community-based Scouting also grow in major cities and towns.
The Association hosted the 12th World Scout Moot in Taiwan in 2004. This is the first ever World event since its establishment in 1912. Many regional workshop or seminar was successful held in Taiwan. The Scout Association will host the 28th APR Scout Conference in 2025.


1912    First Scout troop organized by Rev. Yen, Chia-Lin on 25th Feb, which is now the Founding Day of Scouts of China
1920    14 overseas Chinese Scouts participated the 1st World Scout Jamboree, England
1924    First Rover Crew organized
1926    5th March recognized as Scouts’ Day
1930    1st National Jamboree, Nanking
1934    General Association set up on 1st November, Nanking
1936    2nd National Jamboree, Nanking
1937    Recognized as a member of the International Scout Conference
1942    Rev. Yen, Chia-Lin was honored the “Founder of Chinese Scouting”
1950    General Association moved to Taiwan
1956    3rd National Jamboree, Cheng Ching Lake, Kaohsiung
1959    1st Wood Badge Course, Wood Badge training established
1961    1st Rover Moot, Kenting Park, Pingtung
1966    5th Far East Scout Conference, Taipei
15th Far East Training-the-team Course, Taipei
1968    Mr. Teng, Chuan-Kai elected Chairman of the Far East Scout Committee
1970    4th National Jamboree, Hsinfong, HsinChu
1971    1st National Trainers Course
1973    1st National Senior Scouts’ Camp, Kaohsiung
1978    5th National Jamboree, Kaohsiung
1980    2nd Asia-Pacific Regional PR Seminar, Taipei
1982    Asia-Pacific Professional Scouter’s Basic Course, Taipei
1984    6th Asia-Pacific CD Seminar, Taipei
National Professional Scouter’s Seminar, Pingtung
1985    Seminar on Volunteer & Professional in Scouting, Taipei
1986    6th National Jamboree, Tainan
1988    Dr. Ming-Huey Kao elected member of the World Scout Committee
1989    16th Asia-Pacific Regional Scout Conference, Taipei
1991    80th Anniversary of Scouts of China Participated 17th World Scout Jamboree with 552 Scouts and Leaders
1992    7th National Jamboree, Tainan Mr. Shoei-Yun Wu elected Chairman of Asia-Pacific Scout Committee
1994    1st APR Workshop Scout Supply Service cum Trade Fair, Taoyuan General Association reshuffled and Dr. Ming-Huey Kao elected as Chairman and Chief Commissioner 
1995    Participated 18th World Scout Jamboree with 481 Scouts and Leaders
1996    Set up of Internet System in Scouting, official website launched
1997    The English name of the General Association of the Scouts of China revised, instead of Boy Scouts of China General Association APR Adult Resources Management Seminar, Tainan
1998    8th National & 20th APR Scout Jamboree, Pingtung, Taiwan
1999    Successful bid for the 12th World Scout Moot in 2004
11th National Rover Moot in Kinmen
2000    Organizing a 51-member contingent to 11th World Scout Moot in Mexico
2001    A five story building Scout Headquarters was inaugurated with funds raised from Scouts, Leaders and Communities
2002    5th APR and 10th Scouts of China National Venture held in Taoyuan
2003    12th National Scout Moot
2004    12th World Scout Moot was held in Taiwan with 3000 rovers and young leaders from 87 countries
2006    The Joint National Camp for celebration of World Scout Movement, Tainan
2007    Dr. Chao, Shou-Po elected Chairman & Chief Commissioner
Organizing a 567-member contingent to 21st World Scout Jamboree, UK
2008    Asia-Pacific Regional Adults in Scouting Workshop, Yangmingshan, Taipei
2009    Participated CJK Project in the Philippines Dr. Chao, Shou-Po elected as member of APR Scout Committee
2010    Participated the 13th World Scout Moot in Kenya Attended the 6th General Assembly of the Word Scout Parliament Union in Korea
2011    Participated the 39th World Scout Conference and World Scout Youth Forum in Brazil 10th National & 20th APR Scout Jamboree was held in Kaohsiung as part of the Centenary Celebration Events
Organized a 156-member contingent to 22nd World Scout Jamboree, Sweden 2012    Publication of Centenary History Book Organized a 59-member contingent to 29th APR Scout Jamboree, Sri Lanka Dr. Chao, Shou-Po elected as Chairman, APR Scout Committee 2013    Mr. Lin, Chen-Tznq elected as Chairman & Chief Commissioner  Host the APR Scout Committee in Taipei APR Workshop on Environment Education in FoGuanShan, Kaohsiung
2014    13th National Rover Moot, Taipei

2015    Dr. Ie-Bin Lian elected as Member, APR Scout Committee
2016    Mr. Lin, Yu-Chang elected as Chairman & Chief Commissioner APR Workshop on Revisiting the Scout Method, Tanshui, New Taipei City
2017    Participated 30th APR Jamboree in Mongolia Attended the 15th World Scout Moot in iceland Attended the 41st World Scout Conference and 13th World Scout Youth Forum in Baku, Azerbaijan

2018    11th National Jamboree, Taichung Successful bid for the 27th APR Scout Conference in 2021
2019    Organized a 748-member contingent to 24th World Scout Jamboree in North America APR Workshop on Good Governance, ChienTan Youth Center, Taipei
2021    15th National Rover Moot via online mode
2022    Dr. Yang, Yung-Chin elected as Member, APR Scout Committee